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Temporary Online Order Form Available between 08:15 and 17:45

Pick Up Times

Mon - Sat: 8:15 AM and 5:45 PM

Please note that any orders requested for pick up before or after the hours noted above will not be filled during those times.


Notes on Ordering

The order form is setup by aisle of the store. Each aisle has notes and photos as to which items are (typically) available in it. Note the items and quantity you'd like.

List out the item, brand and quantity you'd like from each aisle. One of our associates will do their best to match your requests to our inventory.

Please keep in mind that this is an 'emergency' ordering system to help our community get through the Covid-19 pandemic a bit better. We do not have an online inventory and, as such, cannot guarntee all items are in stock.

IMPORTANT!!!! If you do not want substitutions, please specify. Otherwise we will attempt to fill your order with available products. Our stock has mostly returned to normal levels, so please be specific about your wishes if you are selective about your choices.

Aisle One

 Foil, bags, kitchen utensils, baby needs, juices, cookies, Twinkies!!, baby food, bread, produce, fresh/specialty juices, salad kits

Aisle Two

Candy, nuts, chips (potato, tortilla, etc.), pretzels, frozen desserts, soups, canned meats, dog and pet food, granola and sports bars, jerky, bag snacks (nuts, Cracker Jacks, etc.)

Aisle Three

Olives, pickles, salad dressings, spices, sugar, oil, shortening, baking needs, syrups, peanut butter, jelly/jams

Aisle Four

Canned fruits, canned vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce, Asian foods, Mexican foods, breakfast food, milk, cold juices, coffees, teas, bottled water (still and sparkling), yoghurt, cheese, deli meats, eggs, butter, health and beauty items

Aisle Five

Mops, brooms, meat (i.e., butcher), detergents, cleaning items, paper products, automotive care, frozen foods

Aisle Six

Personal items such as shampoos and medicines

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